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What's in a Name Series: The Rene Tote.

by Valere Gregory April 24, 2016

What's in a Name Series: The Rene Tote.

I bet you are wondering why I name the bags what I name them, like the Annie, the Rene, the Jillian, the Emory and so on.

These bags are named after people I love. I love our company so much I wanted to have each and every one of our bags leave us with a bit of us in them.  I still feel like I can remember each bag that goes out our doors because each one is special to me. I will do a series of blog posts on each of these special bags, the people behind them and what they are used for.


So what do you know about me?  I am really just this small-town girl living her dream, married to the love of my life, have 2 amazing girls that are my everything.  I love my Jesus and I love my company.  I have a tribe that is patient with my workaholic lifestyle, and I am grateful for my generous and loving family.  I consider myself very private and get embarrassed when we are in the press or when I have locals ask if I am THE Valere Rene. I put my PJ's on just like everyone else and if I don't have to get out of the house, chances are I STAY in my PJ's.  After a chronic illness from 2011-2013, I started Valere Rene in my dining room and Instagram.  Making these bags was my therapy and still is to this day.  Although I am not nearly as sick as I was in those 2 years, I still fight everyday feeling like a normal 43 year old woman. There are very few people that know how I really feel on daily basis, but I just wake up and thank Jesus that he did just that, woke me up.  I cherish every day even if it's a less than perfect one and rejoice when days are picture perfect.  But enough about me, let's talk about this bag!

Take the Rene Tote, my first one to name.  I named it Rene after my middle name because I use it for all my business needs like my laptop, iPad, sketching pad, everyday needs, and one of our medium cosmetic bags.  It's a timeless bag that I have seen used for a teacher's bag, carry-on bag, everyday tote, diaper bag, and computer bag.

We take time to hand-stitch on the leather handles, and we love the inside zipper pocket for phones, lipgloss and small knick knacks.  We also love the leather cross body strap because if you are carrying grocery bags or babies, it allows you to carry the bag hands-free.  We kept this bag open with only a snap closure because these days, who has time to zip a bag closed and then open it again!  It also as a removable bottom that gives this bag some structure at the bottom allowing this bag to have a nice clean finish.  


To shop our Spring and Summer Collection of Rene Totes, follow the link below.




The Small Town Designer, Valere Rene

Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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