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What's in a Name Series: The Jillian Tote

by Valere Gregory April 27, 2016

What's in a Name Series: The Jillian Tote

Oh, the Jillian Tote.  I designed this bag in the Spring of 2015 and it has been a staple in our collection since.  Whether it is in our distressed chambray or in a rainbow of seersuckers, it is a southern classic bucket bag.  This bag is constructed of a heavy grade canvas and a durable pleather bottom; so if the bottom of this bag gets wet, it is easily wiped away with a cloth.  We hand-stitch on the handles once again just like the Rene Tote and instead of an inteior pocket, there is a handy outside pocket that can easily house your lipgloss and phone for easy access.  We have heard about this bag being used as a high end beach bag or just an everyday tote.  I like this bag because of it's classic style and colors, it's an easy mix into anyone's wardrobe. 

I named the Jillian Tote after my youngest because it's a classic beauty, the tallness of the barrel body reminds me of Jillian's long legs and tall stature.  Jillian is our independent beauty that loves everything that I don't: her high school dance, anything anime or si-fi, her friends - and she is a spitting image of me when I was her age.  Jillian is very involved in our company after school and on weekends, cutting 100% of our product.  Jillian aspires to study forensic science or something in publishing, but whatever she studies she will do fantastic.  You will often see our Jillian in our photo-shoots as used in this blog post.

Top two photos taken by www.eugenegrace.com and Jillian's wardrobe came from Emporium 23  https://www.facebook.com/Emporium-23-691950197534993/?fref=ts  of Downtown Rogers. In the bottom photo, she's holding a Rene Tote.

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Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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