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Memories of Memorial Day with Valere Rene

by Valere Gregory May 27, 2016

Memories of Memorial Day with Valere Rene


Oh Memorial Day...  It makes me think of Lemonade stands, playing in the water hose at my Granny Tink's house in West Texas, homemade ice cream and swinging in the back yard.  I remember driving into the little town of Big Spring with American Flags flying on every building and driving onto the Air Force Base to visit some of my Grannies co-workers.  It also makes me think of the many men and women that have fought for our country's freedom.  


As I reflect on what I want to write about for this Blog post, about our products, about you purchasing those products, all I can think about is freedom.  I had the freedom to start Valere Rene Handbags, I had the freedom to marry the man I love, I had the freedom to choose my own healthcare and I had the freedom to celebrate my religion. We wouldn't be celebrating that freedom without the men and women of service. 


So yes, it's ok to celebrate with your BBQ's in the back yard, your weekends at the Lake and homemade apple pies, but remember why we get that day off, it's because of someone.  Someone that put their life on the line for our freedom, someone that didn’t get to spend that day with their loved ones and someone that made the ultimate commitment to protect us and our country.


That’s one of the reason’s I think Made in the USA is so important to me and our company.  Shop our collection of USA made products here!

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Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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