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The Chunkier, The Better

by Valere Gregory June 17, 2016

The Chunkier, The Better

When I started planning to open my brick and mortar shop in July of 2014, I knew I wanted quality products to accompany my bags in the store. Right off the bat, I noticed a trend of chunky necklaces and bangles, and right then I knew I had to have those available for my customers. After failed attempts to find a supplier, I decided to make the jewelry myself.


Bangles in the making


I started experimenting with the bangles first thing. I would look up chunky handcrafted jewelry on Pinterest to see what was most popular and what was in style. At first I ordered beads and stones off Etsy to make the bracelets unique, but as business picked up I found a great vendor that provided a wide variety of stones to make my bangles stand out. I tend to love the bangles with bigger stones, but we also offer great bracelets that are a little less over the top.


Bangle Jenga


I played with the sizing of the bangles a lot. It is difficult because everyone has different hand and wrist sizes, and since the bangles aren't adjustable, I had to find the right size for my customers. It took about a year to figure things out, but I finally found the perfect size that fits most all my customers' hands just right.


Perfect fit


After six months or so, I decided to crossover into chunky jewelry necklaces. I played around with lots of fun statement stones and found that the most popular necklaces are bigger. The bigger, the better; the chunkier the better. We love geode and druzy slices and have most recently found that agate slices make great big bold chunky necklaces. 


Necklaces in the making


Our customers have responded really well to our jewelry. They love the bold statements they make, and they love that everything is handmade. Even though I am first and foremost a handbag designer, I love that I can also call myself a chunky jewelry designer. 


Jewelry in the Making


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Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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