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How Do We Do It?

by Valere Gregory June 22, 2016

How Do We Do It?

There seems to be a "Rumor" on how do we do it?  How do we supply over 70 retailers, our Home Store and our website with all these bags that are made right here in our 5 machine production space in Rogers, Arkansas, USA?  
Some of Valere Rene production team
Well, I started this business in my own dining room, doing all the cutting, ironing, sewing, marketing and everything else that it  takes to "sell" product these days.  It was a therapy for me when I was very sick. It took my mind off having to leave my career in Dentistry for the last 14 years and also while finding my "new normal" in life.
Proud of our American Made Products
When I was discovered, it was only me, a friend helping me get organized and another part-time seamstress working out of my dining room.  Burt and Erin Box, with the MOXY Group, heard about us through my hair dresser, Shea and Crown Beauty Bar.  The journey as an "American Made" designer has been crazy!  I could brag about our product and tell you we have won Best Arkansas Made Product 2 years in a row IN our first 2 years in business or I could tell you that we were a finalist for the Martha Stewart, American Made Awards the beginning of our 2nd year in business but lets just not go there, haha!  High quality products are important to me so I try my best to convey that in our products.
sewing on a Valere Rene tag
So if you are ever in the area of Rogers, Arkansass' Historic Downtown area, come see us most days sewing away behind those decorative Barn Doors!  If you are not in the area, you can always shop our website at, www.vrhandbags.com with free shipping or our list of retailers!  Much love and happy Summer!
Valere Rene
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Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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