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Girl Boss Probs, The Struggle is Real!

by Valere Gregory September 22, 2015

These days its difficult to find a day that isn’t filled with meetings, emails, production quality control, taking wholesale orders, forecasting future steps in growth, looking at offices to house our business team, running our retail store while running only coffee or hot tea. I thrive on the adrenaline and I love to see something I started in my tiny dining room flourish like Valere Rene does. However, after a slight health scare and an overnight stay in the hospital, I was ordered to chill. I had to schedule it in though, so back to work the next day like nothing had happened.


My cardiologist asked, “Are you under anymore stress than usual?” I laughed along with my husband giggling in the background and answered yes but it’s good stress! He then smiled at me and reminded me that any stress is bad stress for anyone but especially for me… Have I so quickly forgot the eye-opening wake up call I got from God just 3 years ago? How can I forget the past when I am reminded daily in the present? How can I not reflect on such an experience that built me back from nothing, how can I forget so quickly what God has given me?


It’s not the message from the Dr.’s, my husband or my business partner that I heard, but God’s. God works through so many people, I should know that by now, right? I feel I am a pretty good Christian, I pray, I help others when able, but do I help myself, do I listen to God ALL the time?  Being a Christian is always a work in progress for me but isn't it that way for everyone, don't you want to always learn something new from God?


“Do I help myself”, that is what I woke up to on my mind yesterday. How can I help anyone else if I don’t help myself first?   I always think it’s selfish of me to think of myself before others but this time it was a must, the exhaustion and delirium had set in and I needed to unplug, even if it were for just a few hours.


How does a mother of 2 girls, a wife, a company building, working 24/7 woman, activities all the time person, do something like take a day to unplug? How is that even possible? The timing was horrible!


Real life for me is running as soon as my feet hit the floor and they don’t stop until I feel like I have gotten as much stuff done in one day at the shop and I have prepped for the things to do the following day. The one meal I for sure always get in is breakfast which usually consists of an English muffin and hot tea because I know some day’s there isn’t even time for that slim fast on the go and dinner might be a totino’s pizza or taco’s from Taco Bell. I crawl into bed and I’m still working until 9 or 10 at night, but without complaint because I love it, I love the company like it’s my third child.


The glamorous life as a female business owner…. But I thrive on it, I love the excitement, I love seeing the growth, I love working with the customers, I love my team. Reminding you and this is only the business woman in me, what about the wifely duties and being a mom? That is when the guilt sets in…. I come home and we are eating from paper sacks most of the time, the house is in disarray and looks like a scene from hoarder’s while I am searching for something to wear for the next day that isn’t in the dirty clothes hamper!


In today’s society, it’s hard for anyone to unplug, I get it, I SO GET IT. Having to worry about posting to social media so many times a day, answering emails and phone calls, scheduling marketing campaigns, conference calls, meetings after meetings, it can really feel impossible.


So after deciding last minute that a spa day was my choice of unplugging for the day, I grabbed some silly magazines and headed to the spa. One of the first articles I read was written but Sarah Jessica Parker on being a girl boss and doing the balancing act. I see my women business owner friends grasping for the balance on a daily basis too, now I’m not feeling like such a loner! I really thought I was the only one that didn’t have it together! Do we continue to be the women of misery loves company in this situation or do we empower each other and lift each other up to figure this imbalance out?


Ladies, how can we do it all and still put our red lips on in the morning?  The struggle is real...








Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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