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It's been a long time y'all!

by Valere Gregory March 26, 2017 1 Comment

It's been a long time y'all!

Man, it's been along time!  I didn't mean to dessert y'all, it's just been a bit crazy around here and the blog was starting to feel a bit forced.

I've been thinking about this blog thing.  I was encouraged to blog about our products, how we make it, what's trending and it just all just started to feel so forced!  If anyone knows me, I am not all about the lime light on me, it's hard for me to network and step out of my comfort zone and talk about so much business and nothing else.  I do, however like to talk about my journey to where I am now.

I'd like to hear from y'all on what you'd like me to write about!  I am really thinking about more of a lifestyle blog mixed in with talking about our awesome products and how I incorporate them in my everyday life.  Larry(my husband) are heading into a season of our life that I haven't seen a blog about, the Empty Nester's and I thought it would be fun to chat about that every once in a while, thoughts?

Of coarse I will continue to update y'all on new product releases, and sales but I just think that can be boring doing it ALL THE TIME!

I also thought about doing a series on how I got to start Valere Rene, the nitty gritty dirt that lead me down this path, my illness.  I just feel like I'm still a mystery to most of you and I want y'all to know me, not just my products.  Would love some suggestions in the comments!



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Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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April 04, 2017

I love the ideas, Val! I think getting more personal allows people to connect with you more. Keep it up!

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