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Meet Olive The Spikey Hedge

by Valere Gregory August 19, 2016

Meet Olive The Spikey Hedge


A few years ago, all my youngest daughter could talk about was hedgehogs. She would follow famous hedgehog pets on Instagram, watch hedgehog bath videos on YouTube, and scoured Pinterest for hedgehog name ideas.

My then 16-year-old Jillian begged and begged to get one of the little guys as a pet, but she could only find them for sale hundreds of miles away for a cost way over what we were willing to pay for a pet.  

One day, as I was doing my daily Facebook run-through, I came across an ad for a litter of hedgehogs at a house in Springdale. It was the greatest opportunity to surprise my daughter.

I walked into our brick and mortar location, where we had only been in for a month, and shocked my whole family with a little baby girl. Jillian squealed and named her Olive. From then on, Olive has been our official shop pet and a favorite among customers.



Olive Helping at Valere Rene


In the first month of having Olive we learned a lot about hedgehogs. First off, they are nocturnal, a fact that makes mid-day play time a struggled for everyone. Olive also has a very sensitive stomach; she has to eat Blue Buffalo cat food, fruit, and, for a treat, mealworms. 

Hedgehog parties with Olive mostly involve time in her exercise ball, in which she runs all over our shop. She will walk around until she gets tired, and then it's bath time. That's when it gets cute. 

Olive loves her bath time. She gets scrubbed down with her toothbrush and Johnson and Johnson baby soap, and then it's time for her backstroke. She loves floating on her back for as long as you'll let her. Overall, she's pretty cute.  



Olive getting a Bubble Bath






We love having Olive as part of our family and Valere Rene team. She is a perfect little companion, and she loves us (and our bags) back!



Olive Posing with a bag



Show us your fuzzy friends with your Valere Rene by tagging your photos with #vrhlove. If you use the hashtag, you will be entered for a daily $5 off coupon. If we repost your picture, we will give you $10 off your next purchase! 


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DISCLAIMER: Olive does not come in contact with any bags sold for sanitation reasons. 


Valere Gregory
Valere Gregory

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